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Today we catch up with our newest brand to join the site – Lydia Meiying. We love Lydia’s wonderful illustrative range and think you will too! Read on to find out more about her…

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Today I treated myself to my favourite breakfast of two steamed eggs drizzled with light soy sauce, white pepper with two slices of buttered toast and a large cup of coffee. It’s super tasty, quick and easy to make plus keeps me going for most of the day.

Tiger Notebook

When was your Lydia Meiying launched as a brand and how did the idea come about?

My brand came about quite gradually. When I graduated in 2008, I was working full time, plus trying to gain experience at design studios. I decided to have a few cards printed from illustrations and patterns I created at University and set up a little Etsy store with a few listings. Gradually, as my products were selling, I created more designs, expanded my product range and I was able to reduce my hours at work and spend more and more time on my brand. Now in 2016, I’m completely freelance. It’s been hard work to get to this point but I absolutely love it.

happy birthday panda

What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

There are so many great benefits to working for yourself. Of course I enjoy the flexible working hours, being able to work in a coffee shop all day if I choose, but what I enjoy most is the freedom I have to explore my ideas and create exciting designs from my own inspiration.


What is your best seller?

Anything with my Woodland pattern on has been a constant good seller since it was created in in 2007, it was one of the first designs I had printed as a greetings card after University. More recently, Toby and T-Rex have been great sellers. In particular the T-Rex enamel pin.

dinosaur enamel pin

Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

As a Pattern Designer by trade, I’ve always loved the William Morris quote: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
I always think of it when I create a new design or when I’m thinking of new products I can make.

woodland notebook

What are your plans and ambitions for the rest of 2016 and the future?

My plans for 2016 are to keep designing and extending my product range. I’m also planning to create a new range of modern period Wallpaper and fabric designs.

Bear enamel pin



Like what you see? Shop Lydia’s range here.

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