Today we catch up with our newest brand to join the site – Lydia Meiying. We love Lydia’s wonderful illustrative range and think you will too! Read on to find out more about her…

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Today I treated myself to my favourite breakfast of two steamed eggs drizzled with light soy sauce, white pepper with two slices of buttered toast and a large cup of coffee. It’s super tasty, quick and easy to make plus keeps me going for most of the day.

Tiger Notebook

When was your Lydia Meiying launched as a brand and how did the idea come about?

My brand came about quite gradually. When I graduated in 2008, I was working full time, plus trying to gain experience at design studios. I decided to have a few cards printed from illustrations and patterns I created at University and set up a little Etsy store with a few listings. Gradually, as my products were selling, I created more designs, expanded my product range and I was able to reduce my hours at work and spend more and more time on my brand. Now in 2016, I’m completely freelance. It’s been hard work to get to this point but I absolutely love it.

happy birthday panda

What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

There are so many great benefits to working for yourself. Of course I enjoy the flexible working hours, being able to work in a coffee shop all day if I choose, but what I enjoy most is the freedom I have to explore my ideas and create exciting designs from my own inspiration.


What is your best seller?

Anything with my Woodland pattern on has been a constant good seller since it was created in in 2007, it was one of the first designs I had printed as a greetings card after University. More recently, Toby and T-Rex have been great sellers. In particular the T-Rex enamel pin.

dinosaur enamel pin

Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

As a Pattern Designer by trade, I’ve always loved the William Morris quote: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
I always think of it when I create a new design or when I’m thinking of new products I can make.

woodland notebook

What are your plans and ambitions for the rest of 2016 and the future?

My plans for 2016 are to keep designing and extending my product range. I’m also planning to create a new range of modern period Wallpaper and fabric designs.

Bear enamel pin



Like what you see? Shop Lydia’s range here.

Today we catch up with Claire of the Little Posy Print Company. We love her fun card designs and thought you might like to know a little more about her. We have a nosey at her workspace and chat to her about her ambitions, best sellers and what she ate for breakfast (obviously!)…

-What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Breakfast was in the sunny garden a cup of tea, and low and slow scrambled eggs with chorizo mixed in on brown toast. Yummers!


-When was The Little Posy Print Co launched and how did the idea come about?

LPPco has kind of evolved over the years. I started it in 2012 designing wedding invitations and stationery and dabbled in notecards and things here and there but about a year and a half ago I decided that my heart wasn’t really in the weddings anymore. The thing I really loved about it was designing pretty things, so i resurrected a dream of designing greeting cards and gave it a shot. I just love having an idea for a card spark from something I’ve seen, done or heard and then have it evolve as I work to become a finished product that, by it’s own nature, will either make someone happy, feel loved, feel cared for and thought about, or make them roar with laughter when they are having a really bad day.


-What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

Being able to do what I love and be home for my boys. My business allows me to work around them, and my husband who works funny hours as a chef. If I want to I can take days off during the week so spend time just the two of us, and then work late when he’s at work and the boys are in bed when my creative juices are really flowing instead of being tied down to traditional 9-5 hours. I also love that there are no limits to what I can do. Int he last year I have gone from designing a few cards to being stocked in 35 stores across the Uk and in the US and Canada too.

-What is your best seller?

One of my best sellers is the ‘Have a bloomin’ lovely day’ card. It’s also one of my faves. You actually very rarely seen green cards so I think it really stands out and is just super happy and sunny. Another best seller is “I’m so glad I’m on this adventure with you’ card. It absolutely flies out and that makes me smile. I am a massive romantic at heart and knowing that my card is a little part of someone’s love story makes me go all soppy!


-Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

‘Just keep swimming’ – Dory, Finding Nemo

studio 2

-What are your plans and ambitions for 2016 and the future?

This year I’m attending my first ever trade show which is massive for me! My hope is that in the next year I can expand out into more stationery items and gift products too. I’m already working on some little gems behind the scenes so watch this space… by next year I’ll have taken over the world! :)

Studio 3

Want to see more? Click here to view our Little Posy Print Company page.

Today we meet Nicola, the creative and maker behind Innabox Design. All the items are designed and handmade in London, UK. Here you will find many adorable animal items and some clever puns. We hope you love them as much as we do!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had a strawberry protein shake as I’m currently trying to get fit!


When was Innabox Design launched and how did the idea come about?

Innabox was launched 4 years ago but has been handmade for 2. Originally I came up with the idea because I just loved to design. I used to design business cards and portraits for friends but I was sick of woking in retail and everyone around me telling me that I should be using my talent. I wanted to do something different and I couldn’t get any different than being my own boss!


What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

Well… I only have to answer to myself! Although I am my worst critic! It’s nice to feel that I have freedom to try out new things. It’s just lovely to know that people want to pay for my work… I never thought I’d get to where I am today!


What is your best seller?

Easily the guinea pig earrings. They are so popular! I mean I know guinea pigs are super cute but the demand for them at the moment is crazy!

Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

My favourite at the moment that I really relate to is ‘Don’t quit your daydream.’ Running a business can be so tough but giving up is definitely not an option!


What are your plans and ambitions for 2016 and the future?

I aim to get lots of new stockists on board and try out some of the bigger craft markets like bust craftacular, renegade and hyper japan! Hopefully doing so will take my business to the next level.

ballama card

You can view our Innabox Design page here.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had toast and thick-cut marmalade. i like to pick all the peely bits out of the marmalade jar!

sally and the freckles

When was Sally and the Freckles launched and how did the idea come about?

I have made cards on and off for many years, but started Sally and the Freckles in 2014. I loved the idea of making unique hand drawn shrink plastic illustrations and decided to incorporate them into my cards. I also wanted an outlet for all the ideas that i had in my head.

sally and the freckles

What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

I love being able to make products from all the ideas that float about in my head and seeing your own ideas materialise is a great feeling.


What is your best seller?

My poem cards have been popular including my nibble-loving narwhal and my dung beetle with his various birthday gifts. Aardvarks seem to be a favourite too.

sally and the freckles

Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

Not really a motto, i would just say make products that you like personally and what interest you in life so you have a genuine passion for what you do. I think this shows then in your work.

sally and the freckles

What are your plans and ambitions for 2016 and the future?

I plan to work on more animal poem cards and i have lots of ideas for other new ranges. i’m in the process of making some printed versions of my cards along with matching postcard sets. I would also love to work with another maker on a collaboration and I would really like to self publish a magazine or a book. And there are so many more amazing creatures in the world that i’m looking forward to drawing and writing about.

sally and the freckles


Want to know more? View all of the Sally and the Freckles cards we stock here!

In the first of our 2016 meet the maker interviews we speak to Karli and Jacques of Brighton based Designosaur YEAH. Their bold, colourful prehistoric themed laser cut jewellery are certainly statement pieces which is why we love them!

We caught up with Karli to find out a little bit more…

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

We had an early breakfast meeting this morning so a tasty ham and cheese croissant from The Flour Pot Bakery!

When was ‘designosaur’ launched and how did the idea come about?

We launched in 2012, Jacques was working as an apprentice in a laser cutting studio and was asked to make some children’s mirrors, he brought them home to show me and I suggested a big brachiosaurus one would make an awesome necklace, it spiralled from there!


What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

Working to our own schedule, being able to brainstorm over breakfast and work to the early hours of the morning if we want to!

What is your best seller?

George our collaboration with hello DODO is one of our best sellers, maybe it’s his cheeky face or perhaps because he’s now award winning that the ladies love him so much!


Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

“Extinction is just the beginning” – Jacques Keogh, 2015.

What are your plans and ambitions for 2016 and the future?

To be bigger and better and conquer the world! We have some secret plans that we’ll be sharing with you soon too!


Big thanks to designosaur for speaking to us today. Pop over to their brand page here to see more.

In the latest of our maker interviews we speak to Rose Hill, the talent behind Rose Hill Designs. We love her bold, unique style and thought you’d like to find out a little more about it and its creator…


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Every morning I have muesli, yogurt with berries and a banana. At the weekend I go for a very yummy brunch with pals at the Breakfast Club which does an amazing veggie breakfast burrito yum!!

When was Rose Hill Designs launched and how did the idea come about?

It was launched in September 2013. I’ve been a designer for 10 years working for some very cool brands, but really wanted to do my own thing, tell my own story and develop my own style. The first ever commission was for Charles Saatchi making a dress for his daughter, followed by some other amazing commissions. During that time I always thought I needed to get a real job, hence working for other brilliant brands. But I realised that what I started doing straight from uni was where my passion lied. I had to do my own thing.



What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

Oooh there are so many amazing things working for yourself (and some not so great things). Favourites are that I can create a business around how I want to live my life. I’m a very social person and have become great friends with all of my stockists and suppliers. Trade shows are so much fun, very tiring but so wonderful to meet lots of likeminded people and chatting about creative stuff – it’s brilliant!!

What is your best seller?

Percy Pug for sure.

Screen shot 2015-10-31 at 22.03.55

Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

I am definitely a work hard, play hard kind of girl! The secret of having it all is believing you already do.

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

I have so many plans just waiting to action!… I would like to expand my product range to include other items such as ceramics and cushions. Add to my growing stockists. I am currently entering the American market. My favourite plan is to create a really cool art exhibition!!


Take a browse of Rose Hill’s page and shop here.

Hello! Before we start please introduce yourself and your brand…

Hi! My name is Zoe Jade, I’m 28 years old, and I live in West London with my family and my two dogs. I own and run Ladybird Likes full-time, designing and making super fun, retro inspired jewellery and accessories for you lovely people!


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I’m not really a big breakfast person – I don’t seem to get hungry until midday! So I usually have a cup of tea and a biscuit (usually chocolate digestives, yum) or in summer I will have a bowl of fruit (strawberries and grapes are my fave!)


When was Ladybird Likes launched and how did the idea come about?

I launched Ladybird Likes in February 2012, as a little side project whilst I was working full-time in a retail job. It started out just as a way to make a bit of extra money to support my addiction to crafting (those materials sure do get expensive!) and as an outlet for the endless amounts of ideas I seemed to have stored up in notebooks. I never dreamed that three years on it would be my full time job!

What do you enjoy most about Ladybird Likes?

I love getting to be creative – whether it’s designing new products, packaging up products to look pretty, styling photographs, creating blog content, whatever, I love it all! It’s why I chose to do this, and it’s what keeps me motivated. The other reason is the people – my customers are the BEST and I adore them. I have met so many other inspiring creative business owners too, and there is a real sense of community in the craft world that I feel so honoured to be a part of. Oh, and working in your pyjamas is pretty awesome too!



What is your best seller?

Our most popular items are definitely our collar clips as they are so unusual! Particularly our cats and pugs – who wouldn’t want to wear a cute little furry friend pinned on their collar?


Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

My favourite motto for business and life in general is ‘work hard and be nice to people.’ I can’t imagine what else you could possibly need to do in life to be a good person, and following this has kept me on the right path for 28 years!

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

My dream is to one day have a huge studio space to work from, and also use to run super fun workshops and events, and use as kind of an informal drop in/hang out creative space where likeminded people can get together and chat. Oh and also to own lots of dogs of course!


Thanks to Zoe for speaking to us today, view her brand page here.

Today we meet the next of our lovely makers – Claudia of Claudia Made This. She is a favourite of ours within the Sussex craft scene and we pleased to have her as part of our site. Find out more about her…


Hello! Before we start please introduce yourself and your brand…

My name is Claudia, I design and create all the jewellery and accessories for ‘Claudia Made This’ from my little studio at home in Newhaven. I have a degree in Graphic Design from Kingston University and I also work as freelance graphic designer and window dresser, as well as making my colourful jewellery. Claudia Made This designs are bright, bold and very eye-catching, just what costume jewellery should be.


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Two buttery crumpets!

When was Claudia Made This launched and how did the idea come about?

Claudia Made This, was my dream when I was at university, I started making bits and bobs in the summer holidays as creative projects. However, I really launched Claudia Made This as you would recognise it, when I graduated in 2013.


What do you enjoy most about Claudia Made This?

I love creating new pieces, It’s hard to make everything available online, when my designs are constantly evolving! I also enjoy the freedom of working from home. The satisfaction of selling something you have made from scratch is hard to beat.

What is your best seller?

My chunky rainbow bead necklace has been really popular over summer; it’s a real statement piece! My little fruit studs are always a favourite too.


Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve” – JK Rowling


What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

I am excited to announce I will be taking part in my first Trade Fair next year in Harrogate. (The British Craft Trade Fair)

Screen shot 2015-07-27 at 17.29.04

Thank you for taking the time to talk to, you are lovely!

You can view our Claudia Made This page here.

Next up in our meet the maker interviews is Ilona, the illustrator behind I Drew This. Ilona’s cute and quirky cards are just adorable and she is also a regular at The Fairy Tale Fair Brighton, where we first met her. Find out more about her and her wonderful creations:

Hello! Before we start please introduce yourself and your brand…

hallo :) my name is Ilona Drew and I am the sole designer/illustrator of I Drew This publishing.


I produce colourful and unique artwork as greeting cards and prints.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Warm pitta bread with banana and honey!!

When was I Drew This launched and how did the idea come about?

I Drew This first launched at trade show PG Live in 2013, I had worked for two big greeting card publishers, Watermark Publishing and Carte Blanche, before going freelance and it seemed a natural move for me to produce my own personal catalogue of designs and test the water with them.


What do you enjoy most about I Drew This?

That I get to decided when something is finished design wise and what I like goes and then when other people like it the feeling just gets better!!

What is your best seller?

My birthday balloons design is a top seller for I Drew this, such a simple design but really sendable.


Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

Not really, I have learnt that it pays to be patient, not that I am very good at it but it is easy to wish for everything immediately and this can be stressful, if you are confident in what you are doing then the rewards will come but you have to be patient!!


What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

The plan is to grow I Drew This, add more designs to the collection and who knows what other exciting things might come, watch this space :)


You can view our I DREW THIS page and products here.

In the first of our meet the maker interviews we meet the colourful couple behind hello DODO

Hello! Before we start please introduce yourself and your brand…

Hi! We are Ali & Jam and our brand is called hello DODO. We are playful printmakers and we design screen prints, t-shirts, tote bags, cards & badges to make people smile! :o)

What did you have for breakfast this morning? 

Ali: Toast! Toast is the BEST. I had one slice with houmous and lots of black pepper and one slice with crunchy peanut butter because I was feeling indecisive.

Jam: Toast with honey! We’re the opposites when it comes to sweet and savoury. But we both agree that coffee is crucial.

When was hello DODO launched and how did the idea come about?

hello DODO was launched 3 and a half years ago and although before that we spent a really long time on our brand, teaching ourselves to screen print and creating our first range of designs, actually deciding to start a business together was something we never really just kind of happened naturally. We both love simple, bold and fun design and also traditional processes so hello DODO was born out of those passions!


What do you enjoy most about hello DODO?

What we REALLY love about hello DODO is that we get to play and have fun, creating some totally silly designs that then make other people smile! Screen printing a new design for the first time is also the BEST feeling…it’s pretty magic when you pull the ink and lift the screen up and see something come to life!


What is your best seller?

Our grumpy Seagull Party Animal card absolutely FLIES out, literally! When we created it we thought that we were just making it for Brighton folks but people from all over seem to just love a grumpy seagull! Our Happy Cat (Sad Fish) tote bag is also very popular!


Do you have a motto or inspirational quote?

Not exactly but if we were to add to Anthony Burrill’s iconic “Work Hard & Be Nice to People” it would be “Work Hard, Be Nice to People and have FUN” as we strongly believe that you have to love what you do .

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

We have LOTS of new designs and some very exciting brand new products launching VERY soon which we’re keeping under our hat for now! We also have some fun collaborations lined up which we’re very excited about! There’s lots of fun and exciting things in the pipeline for hello DODO :o)


If you want to explore hello DODO’s products click here.